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Dawn Passini  LMT, MMT, MLD, RMP

Licensed Massage Therapist/Certified Medical Massage Therapist/Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner/Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist/Reiki Master Practitioner

Owner of Sanctuary Therapeutic Massage

Resident Muscle Taming Ninja


I am a certified medical massage Therapist (MMP) based in Melbourne Florida. If you are looking for a massage therapist with a passion for her work, a love of learning, and over 14 years of medical training and experience; You have come to the right place! 


I have had a love of reading since I was very young and eagerly watched my mom as she attended nursing school as an adult. I loved hearing her talk about her profession and its value for her own life and her patients. What intrigued me the most was the technical aspect of healthcare.


I worked for several years as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Dialysis Technician before taking my prerequisites for nursing school. I worked in hospice, kidney care, oncology, and post-surgical medicine. I am so thankful for that extensive training today and how it has prepared me for this journey. 


I graduated from massage school in 2018 and started working in chiropractic centers, high-end spas, and a medical massage office. I am certified in Medical Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal Massage and am a Reiki Master Practitioner.


 I opened Sanctuary in 2020 when I realized that there needed to be a place where healing combined medical expertise and alternatives to traditional methods without judgment. Some clients are unable to live without medication or surgeries; That is ok! Massage can greatly reduce symptoms of chronic pain and illness, reduce the need for pain medication, and help you heal from your procedures more quickly and completely. If you choose to avoid traditional medical methods, this is a place for you too! We have many medically-based and holistic therapies available for everybody. 


I live in Palm Bay with my husband and three wonderful kids. I spend my free time on the water in my kayak, going to drum circles, fire dancing, and doing yoga. 


I truly look forward to meeting you and being an ally in your healthcare journey.

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