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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need for a home massage? 

For a home massage you get to relax! I bring my massage table, sheets, oil, and a portable speaker for music. The only thing I need of you is to have a place where we can be undisturbed that has three feet of clear space around the table at all times.

Is it alright if I have pets? 

I love our furry friends! I don't mind non aggressive pets in the massage room as I work as long as they don't disrupt your serenity. I am happy to give pets and rubs (after I wash my hands of course) 

Do I have to be undressed completely?

My massages are entirely crafted for your comfort. I will keep any body parts that I am working on uncovered with the rest of your body covered at all times. You are welcome to keep whatever clothing on you wish although the types of techniques available and the effectiveness can be affected by thick clothing.  Whatever makes you feel safe and comfortable is what I strive for. 

Can I be undraped during my massage?

Florida law requires the clients body to be covered at all times. For glute and pectoralis massage there are ways of draping that allow for secure privacy and no accidental uncovering. These will be used at all times. 

What if I have a nut allergy or allergies to fragrance?

I have fragrance free and nut free massage lotion and oils available. Please let me know of any specific health needs when booking so I can make sure that I have what I need to give you the relaxation you desire. 

I have certain health conditions, Can you work on me? 

There are many health conditions that benefit greatly for massage. Certain conditions may be contraindicated or may require a doctors note to book. Upon booking I will ask if there are any major health conditions I should know about and we can discuss the particulars of your situation. 

Do you do sensual massage?

I have dedicated several years, thousands of dollars and incredible amounts of training to my craft. I do not under any circumstances do sensual massage. I do professional therapeutic massage only. I understand that certain bodily reactions are unavoidable. I ignore it and work without any discussion. If any advances, inappropriate touching (of yourself or me), or lewd comments directed at me occur, the session will be over and there will be no rebooking, payment will be due in full and law enforcement will be contacted. This practice has a zero tolerance policy. 

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